“And suddenly you know: it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

– Meister Eckhart

               One year ago I never would have dreamed I’d end up where I am now, both literally and figuratively. I look back two years and the picture of my current life is even more absurd. But last January I read a book, and suddenly I just knew—I was ready to make a change.

In reality, I know a combination of circumstances conspired to push me over the edge, but isn’t it funny—and amazing and perfect and crazy—how one book (The Business of Writing & Editing: Practical Tips & Templates for New Freelancers by Sagan Morrow, saganmorrow.com) can seemingly change your entire life?

Since reading that book, I have left a stable, well-paying—soul-smothering—job, started my own editing business, and moved to a different state. Sometimes I am 100% sure this is what I should be doing, and sometimes I am convinced I’ve gone insane—both are probably true. But everyone says your twenties are the best time in your life to take risks, so if this all goes horribly wrong I figure the universe gave me permission to screw myself over, right?

Come hell or high water I’m going to make this work, you’ll see. I’ll see. Keep me accountable, ok?

When I started editing full-time and created this website, I knew I didn’t want to add a blogging component until I had a good reason. I wanted to be sure I could stay motivated enough to keep up with it. Well I found a good reason—you. At the beginning of September, I found this blog’s purpose—community, authenticity, connection. I enjoy editing for the sake of editing, but I love editing because I am passionate about the writing community, I am passionate about helping authors achieve their dreams, and I am passionate about connecting with people on a deep level. And being authentic and open about my own life is the best way I know to do that.

I want to edit for people, for you, but I also want to build relationships. I believe building those personal relationships can only serve to strengthen our working relationships, and that can only mean good things for your writing. So while I will talk about writing and editing and all sorts of bookish topics on this blog—because you write what you know, am I right?—my main goal will always be to connect. To be authentic, and to engage with you.

If you’d like to introduce yourself in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

Let’s see what kind of relationships and changes I’ll be looking back on in another year’s time. 🙂