This week’s guest post is brought to you by Emilie Rabitoy, who talks about the benefits of using a social media scheduling tool to broaden the reach of your author platform!

Social media scheduling programs are a tool that many people have not discovered yet. They are a tool that a lot of personal assistants use to save time and help get more accomplished each day. There are several kinds of people that it could help though, authors being one of them. Social media scheduling could broaden the reach that an author platform has, in addition to saving time so an author has more time to focus on writing, publishing and other aspects of their career. Having equal representation on all social media networks instead of a large presence on one and little to no presence on another is an additional way that social media scheduling can help an author. Since authors have a few keywords that represent their brand or platform, social media scheduling can help ensure that content related to each of those keywords is shared on all the author’s social media networks.

An author’s platform is crucial to their success, and using social media scheduling to broaden that platform can potentially help an author reach more readers and sell more books. Social media scheduling gives an author the opportunity to manage several social media networks from one place, giving them the freedom to have profiles on more social networks than they otherwise could. Having an online presence on several social media networks helps an author reach readers on networks that they otherwise would not. Many readers connect with authors on Twitter—it is a place where a lot of authors network. Not as many authors have an account on places like Pinterest, but there are still readers to be reached there. Social media scheduling helps authors have a Pinterest account and manage it, therefore reaching those potential readers on Pinterest. This same thing happens on several other social media networks: an author can reach many more potential readers that they would not otherwise without social media scheduling. Broadening the reach of an author platform is not the only way that social media scheduling can help an author, though.

A second way that social media scheduling can help an author is how much time it can save them. On average, it takes about two hours to schedule an entire month of posts to four social media networks. This time accounts for four valuable posts per day. Scheduling these posts makes it easier for an author to have an online presence without having to log on to each account four times a day to post, which they would have to do without social media scheduling. Many times, a person logs on to a social media network to make sure they stay active but then get distracted and end up on social media for much longer than they intended. I know that when I log on to Facebook to post from my business page I end up scrolling through my news feed for at least fifteen minutes. That fifteen minutes could be used to write blog posts, respond to emails or many other things. While time saving can help an author a lot, social media scheduling can be more helpful than just that.

In addition to broadening the reach of their author platform and saving time, social media scheduling can help an author by ensuring that they have equal representation on all their social media accounts. It often happens that an author has a huge presence on their favorite social network, or the one that is most convenient to use, while another sits stagnant with no posts for days or even weeks. Social media scheduling can help make sure that each of an author’s social media accounts gets the same amount of attention since it is easier to do, because you can schedule one post to go to all of them. Having this convenience can help an author greatly since it helps them reach a larger audience just like when it allows them to have accounts on several social media platforms.

The final way social media scheduling can help an author is how equally their branding keywords are represented on all their social media accounts. Many of the tools that allow an author to schedule social media posts show an author most of their previous posts along with the scheduled ones. This feature makes it easy for an author to better focus on representing all their branding keywords and do it evenly. Not only can an author make sure they represent their keywords equally on all their accounts, but it can also help an author make sure their posts equally represent their keywords. Being able to see the past and future posts can assist an author in ensuring that they do not schedule posts that represent some keywords more than others.

Social media scheduling can be very beneficial to an author in several different ways. It can broaden the reach of their author platform and help save them time. Social media scheduling can also assist an author in ensuring that they have equal representation an all their social media accounts. And finally, social media scheduling can also help an author equally represent their author branding keywords on all their social media accounts.

Emilie Rabitoy is a newly retired dairy farmer who has found a way to use her work ethic to help authors achieve their dreams. She worked as a subcontractor for another author assistant before starting her own author assistant business. Emilie quickly learned how to effectively promote authors and their books, and the importance of social media management. In addition to this Emilie became great at connecting authors with readers and reviewers. Emilie currently resides in Western Wisconsin with her boyfriend and two cats. She loves romance novels and coffee.





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